As noted by a French philosopher, Michel Serres,
“I think that out of this place of no law that is the Internet there will soon emerge a new law, completely different from that which organized our old metric space.” (032C, May, 2014) and ”Mitigating bias and injustice in AI is an ongoing battle” Shelly mentioned (P79, 2019)
In line with the warnings of many scientists and philosophers, I am concerned about the improvement of AI technology in today’s world, and how humans guide the massive systems and machines in a positive way.

Writer/ graphic designer   Wen Hsieh  29.01.2020

After the second war, human rights came out, based on the rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, religion, or any other status. In the mid of twenty century, people noticed how importance of copyright, then established laws for protecting creator’s intellectual property rights. However, the each laws had been established should equally represent increasing level of human respecting each other. Nowadays, ” Data Rights” showed up, i recognised that as human being, we might still disrespect humans, some of us still treat our members as chess pieces. They have been analysing our datas, which collect from internet search engine, social media and so on, to play commercial marketing game or to do brainwashing.

On the other hand, some deem that the big data algorithm have tendency to improve our future technology, knowledge as well. The most of technology were invented for helping and protecting human in positive way, for example, facial identity, GPS phone tracker and so on. We cannot deny how benefits the big data algorithm bright for improvement of technology, such as therapeutic potential in medicine, AI development and so on. We enjoy the convenience and the usefulness it gives. However, our personal information is potentially exposed. However, whilst we enjoy digital personalization, we also become targets of commercial markets or increasingly dangerous risks of blackmail. (Luce, P94-P97, 2019.Shelly, P45.P79, 2019. Chace, P13,2015) Furthermore, Obviously, we cannot life without the Internet and smart phones. Thus, it is more important that our future consequences will be positive or negative completely depend on who use the big data and what is purpose. As Stephen Hawking stated, “our future is a race between the growing power of our technology and the wisdom with which we use it.” (Stephen, P196, 2018) Equally, the key is that it still be kept in the hands of humans. In my opinion, education and communication are good ways to prevent potential problems.




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